Design focused, multi disciplined creative media company. Personalised art, photography & web based solutions (and anything else that grabs us). we offer event, fashion & product photography as well as logo design and branding service, social medial and print design as well as social media promotion design and consultation. contact us with your project and see how we can help you.


at monkeyshark creative we have a passion for images. in a society that is more and more image driven its important to get them spot on and stand out from the rest. fashion, product or weddings, sports, corporate or special events, we can help create the lasting look


design has become the most important part of any business, the image of that business is all important, it starts from the logo all the way through to create a professional look. speak to us regarding logo and business branding.


once you have your look, the next thing is promotion. we can help promote your business on social media. from competitions to creative instagram vidieos to get you noticed.

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